Effective November 01, 2022, the following discloses Wendy’s Guam’s (collectively, “we” or “us”) privacy practices (as modified most recently on August 01, 2022). You agree to this Privacy Policy, the Legal Statement, and all relevant laws regulating its usage by using and/or accessing this Site. Check this page for revisions on a regular basis, as your continuing use of the Site indicates your acceptance of any modified terms. Wendy’s Guam maintains the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement at any time and without notice. Any such adjustment will take effect as soon as it is posted on this Site.

Security and Confidentiality

Except as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, we shall make reasonable measures to keep your personal information private. We will not disclose your personal information with any unaffiliated third parties unless it is required to (a) comply with a court order or other legal process, (b) protect your rights or our property, or (c) enforce the terms of this Site’s Legal Statement. We want to reassure our customers that their personal information is safe with us, and Wendy’s Guam has made every effort to keep whatever information we have secure.

Collection of Information

The information collected on is solely owned by Wendy’s Guam. When you use and/or contact us through our Site, we gather information about you, including, without limitation, information you provide on registration pages and other online forms, surveys, and submissions. We will not rent or sell personal information to unaffiliated third parties in any way not mentioned in this statement, nor will we permit any of our third-party partners to do so. Personal information is only collected when it is willingly supplied, as described in this statement. We do not allow unaffiliated third parties to use your information for their own purposes, such as direct marketing, without our permission. Your information may also be shared with our affiliates, franchisees, licensees, lenders, investors, and/or third-party suppliers.

We may conduct surveys, host contests, or send special offers to our database of users who have agreed to receive communications from us by e-mail or text messaging. Participation in any of our on-line programs is entirely optional, and our visitors will always have the option of withholding information and/or opting out of programs. Contact information, demographic data, and views are all examples of data that may be gathered. Third parties working on our behalf may use information to contact a visitor if they have won a contest, send special offers, or assist us in determining consumer preferences so that we may improve our food, restaurants, overall customer experience, websites, and marketing. We will never share any of the information we gather with third parties unless they are acting on our behalf.

The information we collect may be combined with other information we collect about you and used to help us better understand and serve our customers, including, but not limited to, responding to your requests for information and/or services, providing you with information about new products or services, improving our customers’ and Site users’ experiences in our restaurants or on this Site, conducting research and analysis, and otherwise measuring the effectiveness of Wendy’s Guam’s marketing efforts.

Age Limitation

We welcome having your children browse our websites with you, and we hope that they find it entertaining and informative. However, if you are under the age of 13, you are not permitted to provide us with personal information. If you indicate that you are at least 13 years old and give us your personal information. We ask that parents or guardians place orders or make purchases on behalf of their children.

We do not intentionally seek, solicit, or collect personal information from anybody under the age of 13. If we have actual knowledge that we have acquired or received personal information from anybody under the age of 13, we will remove such information from our database as quickly as possible. If a parent or guardian discovers that his or her child has submitted personally identifiable information or made other postings to this Site, the parent or guardian should notify us immediately so that we can remove the information.

Mobile Information

Personal Information can be submitted through mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet. You may be providing us location information if you use any location-enabled products. Other than to offer the service you requested, Wendy’s Guam does not keep or utilize your information. A smartphone app, for example, may utilize GPS data to locate a nearby restaurant that you requested. Location-based services are opt-in, and you have complete control over your participation and may opt out at any time.

Wendy’s Guam communicates and interacts with customers through a number of innovative technology and social media platforms. Popular social networking and media sites, such as Facebook, are among these websites and mobile applications. If you send and receive text messages from and other social networking websites through SMS from your wireless phone during the Promotion Period, your wireless-service provider may charge you for each text message you send and receive. You should check with your wireless service provider about their pricing options, since they may differ. The privacy practices of third-party social networking websites, such as Facebook, regulate the use of such services. Wendy’s Guam does not collect or store your Facebook or other social network login information or any other personally identifying information; nevertheless, their websites may save session information or cookies on your cellular phone.

Collection of Mobile Information

Cookies, web beacons, and other technologies may be used by web-enabled mobile applications to tailor your browsing experience. For additional information, check Wendy’s Guam’s website Privacy Policy.

Some mobile applications will use Google Analytics (or a comparable tool) to assist us better serve our consumers through better goods, services, and mobile app updates. Wendy’s Guam will not be able to identify you based on the information gathered. It may, however, anonymously tell us which services and features you use the most within the app, as well as your device kind and hardware characteristics, download country, and language.

The privacy practices of third-party services, such as social sharing sites (e.g., Facebook), control how such services are used. For these services, Wendy’s Guam does not record or keep your login credentials or other Personal Information; however, session information or cookies may be saved.

Sharing of Mobile Information

With the following exclusions, Wendy’s Guam does not share any collected information with other parties:

Wendy’s Guam may share some of your personal information with third-party partners that offer services that are critical to your mobile user experience.

Your mobile carrier’s network receives all queries, and your carrier may have access to them. For further information, see your carrier’s privacy policy.

Certain mobile products and services, as well as manufacturers, enable you to engage with people and share your information. You could wish to Tweet or publish material from a Wendy’s Guam mobile app to your Facebook page, for example. For further information, see the privacy policies of your mobile device maker, mobile product, or application developer.

Mobile Advertising and Marketing Promotions

If you engage in any advertising or marketing campaigns, the information you supply will be treated according to the Privacy Statement for that promotion, which cannot and will not apply to this Privacy Statement.

External Links

On our website, we do occasionally provide links to third-party websites. These links are provided to give more information and to enhance your browsing experience when visiting our websites. We make every effort to properly evaluate the websites to which we provide links; nevertheless, we are not responsible for the content, privacy practices, policies, or information gathering methods of such pages and have no control over them. These websites could set their own cookies or ask you for personally identifying information. Before giving any personal information to a website, please read its privacy policy/terms and conditions.


We may store information on your computer called a “Cookie” when you visit our website. A cookie assists us in customizing our website to your choices and interests. Before a Cookie is saved, most Internet Browsers allow you to remove, block, or receive a warning. You will be able to access the majority of our websites without having a cookie placed on your computer. contains further information on cookies.

Information Use

Wendy’s Guam will not use a wireless telephone number, wireless or conventional internet email address, or other information supplied for its wireless marketing programs for any reason other than to offer the services requested, unless you have given us prior notice of such other use. Unless you opt-in for such disclosure, we will not disclose any Personal Information with third-party service providers.

Wireless Promotion Opportunity

Wendy’s Guam may offer users and viewers the chance to sign up for special promotions via text messaging and other wireless devices. Users must provide their consent to receive such information from Wendy’s Guam by registering on our website or by sending a text message. Wendy’s Guam and/or Wendy’s Guam’s third-party service partners may give promotional opportunities. The information asked during the online registration process may include, but is not limited to, a user’s telephone number or wireless email address (only if expressly requested), as well as the name of your mobile carrier.

Please be aware that most wireless transmissions are not secure, and when utilizing a wireless communications device, there is a greater chance of messages or a user’s Personal Information being intercepted by an unknown third party.

Users who register for Wendy’s Guam’s wireless services accept, understand, and agree that any messages between Wendy’s Guam and the user may be charged by the user’s wireless carrier. Unless otherwise stated, standard message charges will apply. Our website, Wendy’s Guam, and its affiliates will not be held liable for any wireless email or text messaging costs incurred by a user or a person with access to a user’s wireless device, telephone number, or email address.

Wireless Services Termination by User

Users can withdraw their agreement to receive marketing messages from Wendy’s Guam and/or its affiliates by completing the steps below:

A user can cancel one or more services via his or her wireless device at any time by utilizing Wendy’s Guam’s unsubscribe mechanism at the time the message is issued, or by texting “WENDYSGUAMSTOP” or “STOP” to Wendy’s Guam. The user’s registration for the most recent wireless service given to the user will be terminated by Wendy’s Guam. Any of these phrases in the user’s termination request will result in Wendy’s Guam canceling all of the user’s registered wireless services. If a user unsubscribes from one or more Wendy’s Guam services via his or her cellular device, the service(s) will be immediately discontinued, and the user’s earlier opt-in will be canceled.