Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich 

As the reigning queen of spice, Wendy’s continues to bring the heat. But we don’t create heat just for the sake of heat. Instead, we strike the perfect balance of spice, while also creating items that are packed with flavor. The new Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich takes our signature Spicy Chicken to the next level with ghost pepper infused American cheese, ghost pepper and ranch seasoned crispy onions, lettuce, tomato and a creamy ghost pepper ranch sauce, made with fresh herbs. That’s four layers of unbeatable heat, kept in check by delicious ranch flavor! 

New Ghost Pepper Fries 

For thrill seekers looking to double down on spice, the new Ghost Pepper Fries are a must. Made with Wendy’s natural-cut, Hot & Crispy French Fries, our Ghost Pepper Fries are coated in a unique spicy fry sauce for the ultimate flavor upgrade that you won’t want to go ghost on. They’re the perfect crispy complement to our Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich.  

Quick, Simple, Quality!

Available now for pickup and 
delivery at Wendy’s Guam.